Best Weight Loss Diets

It is very difficult to stick to a strict diet especially during the festival season. The kitchens are loaded with delicious cookies and cakes and all the possible foods which are unhealthy and a strict no while you are on a diet program.

There are diets that promote weight loss by adopted healthy eating patterns and exercising. It is definitely to follow a diet program especially while you are holidaying. It is very difficult to stay away from temptation when you have a bowl full of cookies in front of you.

Absolute no to creamy soups:

Rich, creamy soups are wonderful especially on a chilled evening. This can be substituted with vegetarian hot soup with some chili mixed in it. A simple potato and cheese soup comprises of 400 calories topped with a 20 gram fat. As compared to this, a broth based soup would contain about 200 calories and hardly 50 grams of fat.

2) Say No to the bread basket:

The delicious and hot bread rolls laid neatly on the table are the main culprits for weight gain. Breads lavishly spread with creams and butter lavishly spread on them would result in quick weight gain. It would be then be very difficult for you to shed all that weight. Instead of rich butter-filled spreads, opt for simple vegetables or crackers which are equally tastier and also do not contain high calories.

3) Opt for Zucchini :

These can be prepared by using less sugar and fat. It is a wonderful desert and can be spread on the bread. Organic foods are healthy and nutritious and do not add excess calories.

Eat a nutritious breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A wholesome and nutritious breakfast consists of a fruit, whole grains, and low sugar cereal. Oatmeal is very nutritious and contains lot of fiber. It is really filling and you would not keep feeling hungry. It is advised that we have our breakfast prepared at home because this would restrict you from eating outside junk food and you do not lay your hands on doughnuts and muffins which contain excess calories. These are also not very healthy breakfast options.

5) Exercise control while eating sweets:

Choose small portions of chocolates and cookies. Overindulging in sweets during festivities could add up to your pounds. Eating small portions would also keep you satiated.

6) Cook nutritious and healthy food at home: It is advised that you cook at home. This is healthier as compared to outside food. You could cook using creative ways and using low fat.

7) Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are very healthy. You could fight the flab by including these natural deserts in your diet.

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