Best Diet – Eat Every 2 Hours

It is imperative that we remain healthy through our life. This can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy and nourishing diet and a regular exercise regimen. People suffer from depression at some point in their lives due to relationship problems, problems at the workplace, ill health in the family and many such factors. This is when eating habits change and long before we realize we have already done immense damage to our body.

Food affects our moods:

Food plays a vital role in our life. Food makes a person feel happy and it serves as an anti depressant at time when we feel low and depressed. People who are depressed find solace when they eat. This satiates their mind and then later food becomes irresistible. This is how we form habits. Brain and food share a very close relationship. When you have formed an eating habit, the brain transmits signal to the body suggesting that it is hungry. The body receives these signals and you get these hunger pangs, whether you feel hungry or not.

Will power and Determination:

No diet plan would be a success unless a lot of willpower and determination are invested. Even the best of diet plans are lost midway if a person loses interest and lacks the willpower. There are times when you surrender to food, but it should become a regular affair especially when you are on a diet program. You need to be self motivated to achieve the goal. Every diet program has teething problems. Give it some time. You would start seeing results after about 2 weeks. Don’t lose hope, you are sure to succeed. People give up diet programs midway since they do not see instant results. We lose hope and then go back to our old routine and then everything is lost.

Be fair to yourself and give it that extra push. You are surely going to succeed. Eating every 2 hours is great for your body since you know for sure when seconds are ticking away that your next meal is due in some time. This also helps in curbing pangs of hunger and the plus point in this is that you do not binge and snack in between. The body metabolism is also regulated and the body also is not overburdened with one huge meal which it finds difficult to digest. When our metabolic activity is regulated, we also tend to be more alert, full of vigor and energized.

Step 1:

The first step in the diet plan is to decide the weight you want to achieve.

Step 2:

Decide on the daily calorie intake which is essential to achieve that weight.

Step 3:

Make sure that you eat every 2 hours with a gap of 3-4 hours in between.

This diet may prove to be very difficult in the beginning, but later on it would become much easier over a period of time.

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