Best and Worst of Diet Programs

There are many weight loss programs which are effective and practical too. Out of the many diet programs, the Mediterrranean diet is the most practical and effective. The diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. Olive oil is the medium of cooking. Olive oil contains omega 3 acids which are healthy for the body and helps in good cholesterol. The salads are dressed with olive oil. It also includes fish which is very good for fighting bad cholesterol.

The Mediterranean diet contains antioxidants and good fatty acids which help in thinning the blood flow in the arteries. The arteries do not get clogged and the heart pumps blood effectively. It also stresses on smaller amounts of food and includes lot of seeds and grains.

It is imperative that proper exercising need to be incorporated in our lifestyle. Diet and exercising have to complement each other to gain maximum benefits and also achieve weight loss. Some forms of exercising like brisk walking, swimming and gym training are all effective forms. Brisk walking for about 30 minutes a day is very effective in reducing weight. Walking helps to tone the body and it makes the body flexible. It is a complete exercise.

As per statistics, none of the commercial diet plans could gain a one out of five position. Weight watchers was the only diet program which was rated the highest. You need to shell out about 13 dollars per week.

The Atkins diet could not also prove to be successful since it did not contain all the positives which a successful diet program should have. The Diet did not include fiber, fruits and vegetables. The South Beach diet also could not pass the test. This diet did not have the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables, which is ideal for the body and for achieving weight loss.

You need to identify a weight loss program which is practical and can be gelled into your lifestyle. When you enroll for a diet program, give it some time so that the diet program works for you. Initially you would find it difficult, but after some time you would get used to it. A minimum of 21 days is the testing time for a diet program. Have patience, things would automatically fall into place. This time period is enough to give you an understanding on whether you have adjusted with the diet program and vice versa.

Once you are comfortable with a particular diet program, it has a better effect on your body and you are confident that you would derive positive results from it. Incorporating the right diet and exercise would go a long way in achieving your dream goal.

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