Top 7 Diet Secrets Keep You Fit and Smart

The following are the seven secrets which are very helpful in reducing weight.

First secret: Listen to body signals and not what your mind has to say.

The first and foremost secret is that you need to listen to the signals given by your body. Do not listen to what your mind has to say. It is noticed that small children refuse to eat or drink anything, the moment their tummies are full. You need to apply the same principle. Parents of infants and small children always want them to finish off whatever is there in the plate. This type of eating is the main reason for overeating. Such children develop this habit and it keeps continuing throughout life.

Secret no. 2: Be aware of what you eat

It is a prerequisite that you need to feel the smell, texture and taste for you to enjoy every morsel of food. Many people are unaware of this fact. Every morsel should be filled with a totality of enjoying the food, keeping in mind that your dream goal is to reduce weight. When you sit down to eat your food, first let this thought get down your brain. This would help you in eating smaller quantities of food. Make sure you do not go in for a second serving from the utensil unless and until you are satisfied that the food you have eaten has been digested. When these simple secrets are followed, you would not end up overeating.

Secret 3: Eat only when hungry

It is noticed that people eat just for the sake of eating whether they feel hungry or not. The best way to fight this condition is you could eat with your family a very small portion. If you feel hungry again, again go in for a smaller portion.

Secret 4: When you are satisfied, stop eating

The food rating should be statistically figured out from points zero to 10. Scale zero is the condition when you are starving and 10 is the condition when you have loaded yourself with food. It is suggested that only when your scales touch 2 you need to eat. Stop eating when you achieve a 5 point level.

Secret 5: Eat only what you feel like eating most

It is advised that you eat only when you feel hunger pangs. This is the secret which is going to help you achieve your dream goal.

Secret 6: Observe your body signals

This secret states that you eat only when your body is hungry for food. The scale should be somewhere from 2 to 5 if you need to feed yourself with food. In case you feel good after eating, this is an indication that you were really hungry and are satisfied. But if your body shows discomfort, pain, bloated feeling, it indicates that you are not feeling good after eating the food and that was probably not the right time to eat food.

Secret 7: Respect your feelings
It is advised that you do not eat because you are depressed, sad, bored or happy. Do not eat by becoming a slave to your emotions. Ask your body if it is really hungry. If the answer is yes, go ahead and if the answer is no, do not eat. It is as simple as that.